PUT Data & Automation behind client acquisition.

Our intelligent platform discovers, researches, and engages your ideal prospects for you.

Trusted by firms and teams of all sizes

Go from analysis to outreach WITHOUT all the manual work


Connect your existing sources To consolidate data

Harness the power of unified data. Cashmere seamlessly integrates prospecting information from diverse sources, ensuring you have a holistic view of potential clients for precision-driven outreach.


Enterprise Cloud


Custom Third Party

Web Scrape

Discover new prospects at the right time

Clients typically seek wealth management services in response to specific financial or life events.  CashmereAI monitors these events in real-time, ensuring timely and informed outreach.

  • Inheritance
  • New Job
  • Promotion
  • Divorce
  • Sale of Business
  • Recent Home Buyer
  • Fundraising Event
  • Stock Performance
  • Insider Stock Transactions
  • Newly Created Business
  • Upcoming Loan Refinancing


Get the Whole Picture on your prospects

Gain insight into prospective clients through predictive analytics and detailed profiles. With insights into income, assets, and LinkedIn backgrounds, align your services to meet each potential client's unique needs. Elevate your precision in client acquisition.

Behavioral Analytics

Contact Info

Income and Assets

Past Interactions

Professional Background

Company Info


Automate Outreach using Artificial Intelligence

Create dynamic outreach campaigns that fit to each individual. Set the number of touchpoints and time between follow ups.

Discover and qualify prospects at the top of the funnel. Artificial Intelligence boosted features create unique emails based on a prospect’s situation or intelligently select a pre-created static template.

Let AI write or select content for each prospect. Filter based on net worth, trigger event, location, age, industry, and more.

Follow up without the headache of keeping track. Cashmere AI knows when to follow up and with what content.

Integrate with Any of Your Existing Systems

Customize campaigns to have multiple touch points with attachments, time between messages, and content type. Or integrate with your existing marketing tools.

And More…


Avg. time saved prospecting


Valid profiles and contact info


New assets tracked per month

Intelligently Match Prospects with Advisors

Cashmere Al matches the advisor in the firm who is best fit to work with a prospect based on trigger, personal & professional backgrounds, expertise, and even personality.


Partner, Venture Capital
New Job, Menlo Park


Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
Multiple VC Clients, San Francisco

Replace complicated processes to become effective and efficient

Save time

Save resources

Grow your assets

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